Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kitchen Before & After

Well, we've been in our home for just over a year now, and there are many projects that remain unfinished.  Luckily the kitchen isn't one of them.  Here are a few before and after photos.


For perspective, the window in this photo is where the refrigerator is in the after photo.

This wall no longer exists and now opens up to the hall/living room.

Leading into the dining room.


And now for some details....

Our very first kitchen decision. The blue cast iron sink. Pretty sure we bought this before we had a layout. 
Appliances. Now you see them..... you don't! 
Casserole dishes and food containers
Easily visible and accessible! No More Stacking! 
Kitchen/paper towels are easily accessible, but out of sight.
Kitchen/paper towels are easily accessible, but out of sight.
Just enough space for a desk. Plenty of cabinets to store cookbooks! 
Upper cabinet lighting and under cabinet lighting.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


After nearly a year of renovations, the house was ready for us to move in! For the most part, we wanted the house to be a blank canvas when we moved in. "Moving in" entailed bringing in not only our furniture but much of John's grandparents' furniture as well (came with the house, go figure). That said, we wanted to see the rooms with our modge podge of furnishings before we selected paint and what not. We did, however, decide on a neutral color for the living room and used that color throughout for the time being. Fear of heights = we're not going to be repainting that room ourselves, ever!

Enjoy some of our favorite features of the house! Paint, textiles, furnishings, and decor coming soon (our never ending work in progress)!

welcome! view from front door 
living room

living room
back stairs by side entry
view from side door. looking through living room and into kitchen.
kitchen!...still waiting on countertops, backsplash, and island light fixtures. 
master bedroom
top of the front stairs
jack & jill bath
upstairs guest bedroom 
before and after...a little different, right?

before and after. we expanded the opening from the front door just a tad.
stairs now continue forward rather than turning. luckily, we were able to rework the handrails and posts.
before and after...old back of the house now opens up to the catwalk over the living room.
before and after

Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up Part-Two

Here we go again. Another five months between postings! Oh well.  Here is the second installment of "Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up" featuring the months of June and July. These document the final months of construction. We moved into the house in late July/early August.

It amazes me how much kitchen cabinets and a finished floor will complete a house! The kitchen was the one room I was always a little nervous about because it was hard to visualize. The room is oddly shaped (almost like a W) and I was worried about it getting cramped with the cabinets. However, once the they were installed, my worries melted away! It has become one of my favorite rooms as you will see in upcoming posts.

"Move-in-ready" pictures coming soon!
kitchen before cabinets

field trip! visiting cabinets to see the color!

master bath tile going in! John liked limestone and I liked marble so we went with best of both worlds

had to rig multiple ladders to hook up that puppy

kitchen cabinets ready to get installed! very pleased with how the color turned out!

living room ready for floors to be finished

mantle coming back into its home

mantle coming back into its home

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up Part-1 gets a tad busy sometimes and BAM! Five months go by and I have forgotten to update our blog. I'll do my best to work month by month. The first installment of "Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up" features the month of May.


laundry room floor
upstairs jack&jill bath