Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up Part-Two

Here we go again. Another five months between postings! Oh well.  Here is the second installment of "Bad Blogger Plays Catch Up" featuring the months of June and July. These document the final months of construction. We moved into the house in late July/early August.

It amazes me how much kitchen cabinets and a finished floor will complete a house! The kitchen was the one room I was always a little nervous about because it was hard to visualize. The room is oddly shaped (almost like a W) and I was worried about it getting cramped with the cabinets. However, once the they were installed, my worries melted away! It has become one of my favorite rooms as you will see in upcoming posts.

"Move-in-ready" pictures coming soon!
kitchen before cabinets

field trip! visiting cabinets to see the color!

master bath tile going in! John liked limestone and I liked marble so we went with best of both worlds

had to rig multiple ladders to hook up that puppy

kitchen cabinets ready to get installed! very pleased with how the color turned out!

living room ready for floors to be finished

mantle coming back into its home

mantle coming back into its home

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